I'm Lester Latkowski and
I'm a 
Graphic Artist

Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art,
themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose, art prints.

An artist used to be known as someone who just painted pictures
but nowadays an artist could be anyone from a musician to a writer to an
ice sculptor, even a neon sign maker, wood carver, logo designers. I just
happen to be a Digital Graphic Artisan.

Graphics can be simple and can be complex. I never planned on
creating a portfolio of the work I've done over the past decade so the
foresight was not in place to create a before and after graphic theme as
was done on the popular Buildings Then and Now section of the NCSD1970
website. So I put together a small sample for the time being. Enjoy.

This banner was used on the NCSD1970 website's homepage for the  holiday in 2011.
I decided to do a variation on the flag, the field  of stars on the right instead of
the left. Posted on the website  12am July 1st, I received our first ever complaint
from a viewer on the Fourth saying that this was wrong. Banner was "corrected",
field of stars on the left.

Graphics was created for the Class of 1970's 40th Anniversary
in 2010. Both highways were located north and south of the
school's campus so you could say "resistance is futile".

The original version


The photoshoped version
This graphic was posted for about
3 months before the 40th Reunion
and everyone got a big kick on this.

In the Decade of the Sixties section of the NCSD1970 website, the
index page was the only page that featured graphics from freebie
or open source websites throughout the internet. Although the
Sixties Timeline section is ongoing, the page for the year
1969 featured a dramatic format difference compared to the
other years on this page.

Mosaic picture banners were created and the yellow 1969 was
elongated in height. The second banner, featuring the Beatles,
was already on another Sixties site but the UFO was used to
cover a topless hippie girl.

 Graphics below are no longer in use and I really don't
like to reuse/recycle these on the same website as I rather
keep the content fresh.

December 2007
Above, the black font was scanned from the magazine
"The North Carolinian" and colors changes every
second. There are about 18 colors in the loop.

After Christmas 2006

The above design was originally in black and white and
again scanned from "The North Carolinian".
 After converting to seasonal colors, this was posted
on the homepage of the Class of 1970 website.

This was one of the earlier animated graphics I created.
If you pay close attention, you'll see subtle color changes
on the top and lower letterings.

I had a strong but valid opinion and wanted to
showcase it with this free graphic.

Again, black and white converted to color.


Picture was labeled Eagle Rock
there's an Eagle Rock in North Carolina
I'll say this again "resistance is futile".
This creative graphic is posted on the
9/11 Memoriam Page.





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