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I'm a

There's about a thousand photos on one website alone and the
most popular section is called Buildings Then and Now. As the title
suggests this section features photographs taken of campus buildings
decades apart and comparing the differences that father time has
placed on the buildings. Most of the buildings are listed on the
National Historic Buildings Registry and the school itself is also on the
National register of Historic Places. 14 buildings on 680 acres.

Further on down this list, there's another website with a page called
Americana consisting of picturesque roadside views.

Hundreds of photos are printed in a regional magazine, The Bugler.

Some published photos are in the Writing Portfolio page.

 Highlights from www.ncsd1970.com' s
Buildings Then and Now section
Black and white picture from the school's magazine.
This page inspired the Buildings Then and Now section.
The two pictures was published in the regional
magazine, The Bugler, in the Fall 2010 issue.

Black and white pictures are from the Class Yearbook.
The Class Yearbook initiated the idea for the Buildings Then and Now

First photo is the restored photo.
This first picture on this page features my first photo restoration
project. The bottom right corner, about the size of a quarter was
torn off. PaintShop Pro 7 was utilized.

Student Union Building
Contents of this page was published in the regional
magazine, The Bugler, in the Fall 2010 issue.

This page features my first foray into Flash.
The lower portion of this page also contains panoramas.

A new twist to the Buildings Then and Now was photos taken
after a major snowstorm in 1968.

All in all, there's 34 pages of pictures and to see more
just click to go to the index page.

Lester's Americana Web Page
I did a lot of traveling and a camera is always
by my side. With the commercial work being
thrown my way I haven't been able to add or spend
the time that I wanted to put into this site.




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