I'm Lester Latkowski and
I'm a

Look at the major news sites and technical news sites, do they load
fast? Look at any industry's websites. Do you see some having  a little tag
somewhere that says "Skip Intro"?

Katie Brown says it best "If you keep it simple, you can't go wrong".
Closing lines on her highly rated TV show on PBS "Katie Brown Workshop".

Which is why you see most of the major search engines keep their
home pages...simple. Other websites are the same way, simple,
nothing flashy, information at your finger tips.

Or we can do it your way.

Newest sites first...

NCSD Museum
Coming online in December of 2012, this is the most complex website
created to date. Although far from being complete, this is a redesigned
site which will feature documents, pictures, videos, and even pamphlets
that were distributed during during the school's anniversary celebrations.

Due to budget restraints, this site was darkened on March 31, 2013
Deaf Seniors of North Carolina
Minimal budget, updated once a month
Established March 2011
A new development has taken over this site and are hoping
to "re-open" sometime later this spring or summer of 2014.

Deaf Florida Events
Updates several times a week
Established April 2011
March 19, 2013 - We just learned of this site - you've got a
 fantastic site - and is something much needed. I love that
you are  covering so many states.


Deaf Events North Carolina
Updates several times a week, sometimes daily
Established November 2009
November 27, 2009 - When (the other guy) shut down his events site, we
were amazed how fast your site took over! I don't know how you find these
events but you are really doing a fine d**n job of it. Keep up the good work
and man, you do an outstanding job in The Bugler.

The Latkowski Family site
With other projects being urgent, this has
been pushed to the back burners


Testing/Proving grounds
Pages and folders within this site are
for testing and website demonstrations
awaiting approval before going online
with their domain names
I used to repair televisions,
thus the test pattern

NCSD Class of 1970
Originally set up on a Tripod site, this was bursting at the seems and the
Tripod servers was slow in responding to the updating demands. A high
dollar web editor was donated to us allowing us to expand gracefully by
obtaining the domain name and allowing us to update from two computers
at remote locations. Today, as a general rule a page is added every week.
Established on Tripod in 2001
Domain established in December 2003

Starting in the summer of 2009, or specifically on the 40th Anniversary of the
moon landing, July 20, 2009, we started a day to day, historical retrospective of
events that occurred during our last year in school titled
Historical Moments 40 Years Ago 1969-1970
This page alone has extra web features not presented elsewhere on
the website.

The Decade of the Sixties was the first "Let's Have Fun" or
with apologies to Tyrone Davis "Turn Back the Hands of Time"
And I received some feedback which really took me by surprise:
"I just wanted to say that, as a history teacher, I have been using your
page with information on the 1960s for my classes. It's been very
useful; thanks for making it! Ms. Sarah Golding"


This page features my first foray into Flash, October 2004.




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