I'm Lester Latkowski and
I'm a

Writers write. Painters paint. Sculptors sculpt.

I am a writer because I enjoy crafting words into the most piercing and
effective message possible. It’s the selective taking from all 1 million English
words and stringing them together in a way that is as convincing as possible
that I enjoy.

I was an unaware writer most of my life. I was constantly writing, whether in
my journal or as part of my jobs writing technical papers, or simply in always
having a new story floating around in my brain.

Yet, I never thought of myself as a writer.

I have bragging rights and I'm posting all my feedbacks in the writing arena.
Although, I do have one negative feedback in the Graphics Department, but
that's OK, patriotism I'm not going to argue with. Besides, I look at criticism
as a learning tool.

Although this is not a complete list, below are some articles in PDF mostly
published in The Bugler but there are links to other articles posted elsewhere:
03/17/14 - I am waiting for the latest issue of The Bugler to add additional
articles in PDF in this section so please come back in a few days.

Fall of 2013 featured an "Conversations With:" article, a football player who in
the late 1960's helped propelled the Morganton, NC Deaf school football team to
the Skyline Championship. He was also recognized for his role in setting up a
40th Anniversary Reunion with the same football team. A picture and a brief about
the newly elected NCSD Museum Board members was also published.

Spring of 2013 included a poem "House by the Side of the Road" recited by a
reverend at a memorial service for a dedicated friend of the North Carolina School
for the Deaf. The Bugler's editor lost the copy of the poem given to him at the
service and he asked me to search for it, to check on the copyright issues and to
obtain permission, if needed.

Winter of 2012 - Conversations With series continues with Donna McCord Smolik.
This interview had more of an 'impact' to the Deaf community. Her brother, Sam
McCord, the first "Conversation With" interview I published in both web and print,
was also a prominent deaf school historian who had just passed away. His picture
was the front page feature for this issue. Mrs. Smolik is very active in in the
Charlotte area in bringing deaf people together by creating social circles, silent
dinners and is currently in the process of reviving and reassembling a decades old
but a famous deaf club in the area. Because of this, another article is in the works
showcasing the history of this well known deaf association.

The second article is self explanatory, "Are You Ready For An Emergency". This
details the use of current technologies to preserve important documents and
printed photographs into digital formats and to have them ready in case disaster strikes.

The third article in this issue was created to answer inquires about the replacement of the large "monument" sign at Hoffmeyer Hall that was replaced in
in 1975. History was researched, pictures retrieved and published on a page layout.

And yes, there's more! A two page layout of pictures taken at the 4th Annual
Halloween event near Greensboro.

Fall of 2012 -
In addition to the 2 page picture spread of the annual summer picnic
at Lake Wheeler, in Raleigh, a "Factoid Chart" was published of the Deaf
population totals of each state and Puerto Rico. The chart also included the
percentile of the deaf population.

Winter of 2011 - Article on Deaf Awareness Month and Week which occurs annually
in September. This was a compilation to explain the reasoning of of the Deaf
Awareness proclamations.

Fall of 2011 featured a two page spread of pictures taken at a 4 Classes Reunion near Greensboro and a separate page of pictures taken at a annual summer picnic
at Lake Wheeler, south of Raleigh.

Summer 2011 - My best "Interview With:" series article
yet, I've had several comments and a standing ovation at
a meeting I attended and I've seen the magazine passed
around yet at another meeting.
I was in tears after reading her problems because it brought back
memories of our struggles regarding you, David, and Kim.....
Lester, thanks for asking Beth Fitts to join us .. I was in tears when I
read your article. I'm so happy that she's going to join us.. thanks
again, Lester.... have a great day! Louise
Click on the picture to download the article in pdf.

Spring 2011 - Thank You Don Crump and Marilyn Williams (Part 2 of the Class
of '70 40th Reunion p6 - p8 below and p19 student moon rock article. This issue
also featured my write up about the NC Council for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.

Winter 2010 - Cover page featured photographs taken at the Central NC School for
the Deaf Reunion event in Greensboro. Three articles; Class of 1970's 40th Reunion,
CNCSD Reunion article and more pictures, and Capital Deaf Social 2nd Halloween
Dingo event held near Greensboro. This issue officially recognized me as a staff

Fall 2010 - First in a series about the history of the school "In The Beginning: How
the Deaf School Got Started"
was a compilation of of several articles starting with the Governor Morehead School, North Carolina's school for the blind, opened in 1845 as the North Carolina Institution of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind. This
same issue featured another first in a series of buildings built at the deaf school in
Morganton, "Buildings Then and Now", showcasing pictures taken in the late 1960s
and early 1970 and newer pictures of the buildings taken at the same spot as the originals.

Spring 2010 - 3 page spread celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts
titled "Reflections of Old Scouts". The article featured conversations about our
scouting adventures during our school years with four other Scouts as if we were
talking together on a coffee table.

The first of the series, "Interview With:" was published on the NCSD1970
website as a sidebar to an article in the student magazine "The North Carolinian"
about a building dedicated to Sam McCord's father. A few years later, the
"Interview With:" article as well as the contents of the webpage was published
in The Bugler's summer 2010 issue.


Many Thanks......You do a great service for the Bugler and NCSD.....Garrett
Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2010 11:50 PM after sending the first group of
C70 Reunion pictures...C70 Group Picture taking event


Lester, I have and still am impressed with your ability to gather and organize
various pictures with identification. You also are very neat and place things in
order not to mention a great knowledge and love for NCSD, ENCSD and
CNCSD. Your work is excellent. I want to add you to The Bugler staff if you
are interested. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks for
for your support. I believe you would be an excellent addition to The Bugler
staff. Garrett Walker, Editor
Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2010 12:26 AM after sending the first of 3 groups of
pictures of the CNCSD Reunion.


This was received after inquiring what the requirements, policy of The Bugler, etc.
Basically, what I would want you to do for The Bugler is basically what you have
been doing. Like I mentioned it doesn't have to be for each issue. When you
have things of interest in regard to the three deaf schools in NC, just run it by
me, pretty much like we have been doing, fact finding, articles of issues about
the three schools, reunions, gathering information, new tech.......................
What ever strikes your fancy and the readership interest would be a good way
to sum it up .........Garrett
Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 2010 12:53 PM




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